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The Grove Brewing Company

*Forgotten Fortune Italian Pilsner

*Forgotten Fortune Italian Pilsner

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4.5% ABV 473mL

Just south of Pelee, Middle Island was infamously known as a transfer point for rumrunners in the Prohibition Era. Gangster Joe Roscoe built a hotel here that headquartered much of this criminal activity. Not only was Al Capone a frequent visitor, but legend has it that he stashed a portion of the Chicago Outfit's fortune in the walls of this establishment. Today, the hotel stands in ruins as vandals have gutted everything clean, and the location of the hidden treasure remains a mystery. This crisp Italian Pilsner leaves you with more questions than answers as well. How is it both so light and full of flavour? Why have we never brewed a delicious pilsner before? Keep searching and you may just find what you're looking for...


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NOTE: Pricing includes a refundable deposit of 10 cents per can - where facilities exist.

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