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The Grove Brewing Company

Whiskey Cities - Whiskey Sour Inspired Ale

Whiskey Cities - Whiskey Sour Inspired Ale

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4.5% ABV 473mL

“Partners in Parallel” is a beer series dedicated to forging collaborations with breweries located along the 42nd Parallel. This line of latitude traverses 23 countries, encompassing a diverse array of regions, each steeped in historical, geographical, and cultural significance. This distinctive geographical feature provides us with an unparalleled opportunity to craft global experiences and collaborate on beer recipes that highlight the distinctive character of the various places we encounter along this shared latitude.

Named after the fact that Evanston was once a dry city and a birthplace of Prohibition, Temperance Beer Company celebrates the Chicago suburb's newfound fondness for booze by serving a wide variety of freshly brewed beers. By reflecting on our cities' shared rumrunning history, this kettle sour is brewed with whiskey barrel staves from local distilleries in Chicago and Essex County. This special beer combines a touch of oakiness with vibrant lemon notes. It's a flavorful nod to our shared heritage and a toast to finding common ground.

Available for Local Delivery and Ontario-Wide Shipping. Must be 19+.

NOTE: Pricing includes a refundable deposit of 10 cents per can - where facilities exist.

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