Mike Ascott Vienna Lager
Mike Ascott Vienna Lager

Mike Ascott Vienna Lager

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2 CASE MAXIMUM ORDER (Four 12-Packs)

We are anticipating a high level of demand for this product. It's no secret Mike had a huge network of friends and family. We want to discourage hoarding and make sure as many people as possible get a chance to try his beer. Therefore, after consulting with his family, we have put a cap on his beer to 2 cases per order (Four 12-Packs). Let's make sure everyone gets a chance to celebrate the man behind the brew!

4% ABV 355mL
2022 Your Face Beer Winner

A talented musician, a lover of the outdoors, a cherished son, a loyal brother, and an incredible friend. His larger-than-life personality lives on through those who adored him.
His name is Mike Ascott, and he was an absolute beauty.
This one's for him.

Crafted with his favourite beer in mind, this Vienna Lager delivers that classic OV taste with a cleaner and more refreshing experience.

Available for Local Delivery and Ontario-Wide Shipping. Must be 19+.

NOTE:  Pricing includes tax and a refundable deposit of 10 cents per can - where facilities exist.

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