Empire Whiskey Kettle Sour

Empire Whiskey Kettle Sour

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 4.5% ABV 355mL
Blaise Diesbourg was responsible for the majority of illegal whiskey crossing over to Detroit during the prohibition era in Windsor/Essex. The Belle River-born bootlegger had ties with both the Purple gang and renowned mafia boss Al Capone. He cultivated an empire by using old bomber planes that could hold twenty-five cases of whiskey each, routinely flying them to both Detroit and Chicago almost daily.

Pleasantly tart with a light smoky flavour and citrus aroma, this sour ale mocks the classic cocktail itself and brewed to be notoriously delicious.

Available for Local Delivery and Ontario-Wide Shipping. Must be 19+.

NOTE:  Pricing includes a refundable deposit of 10 cents per can - where facilities exist.

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