Dairy Freez Boston Cooler Golden Ale

Dairy Freez Boston Cooler Golden Ale

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5.5% ABV 473mL
Few eateries stand the test of time, but the ones that do become regional icons. These places are the O.G's, unfussy and providing the same overall experience for decades. Detroit has Nemo's, Toronto has Horseshoe Tavern, and Essex County has Dairy Freez. Serving frosty treats and hamburgers since 1954, theย ice cream stop remains a quintessential institution for all the reasons listed above. We paid homage to their Boston Cooler and brewed a deliciously creamy golden ale with heavy notes of vanilla and ginger ale.
Community creates beer. Beer creates community.

Town Tango is a small batch series where local collaboration meets beverage innovation! We've sat down with some of our favourite Kingsville businesses to create unique beers celebrating who they are and their positive impact on our community.

These are people making strives in our community, helping build a vibrant identity for our growing town. It may take two to tango, but a community to keep the party alive.


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