Hot Teddy Winter Ale

Hot Teddy Winter Ale

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6.2% ABV   11 IBU 11 SRM 473mL
The last thing you would expect barrelling through a Kingsville dance floor circa 1940 was a full-grown black bear. Teddy, a locally-loved domesticated bear, was intentionally let loose from his home by a tourist couple. The bear ran frantically across town, finding itself at the Kingsville Casino Gardens during a dance rehearsal for the town's annual Christmas show. This bizarre tale met national headlines, resulting in no injuries, the couple getting charged, and Teddy returning home. Crafted to resemble the flavour of a Hot Toddy, this winter ale makes you feel right where you belong. Savour this ale like the cosiness of your home and allow it to warm you from the inside.

Available for Local Delivery and Ontario-Wide Shipping. Must be 19+.

NOTE: Pricing includes a refundable deposit of 10 cents per can - where facilities exist.